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Building Beautiful Experiences

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We build, manufacture, license, support and sell bespoke & commercial solutions for homes and businesses

Providing high performant solutions for use in homes and organizations.

Our Core Services

Software/Application Development

Brand/Business Development

Training/Consultation Services

UI/UX Development

Industrial Design
A very broad coefficient and effective generation and development of ideas through a process that leads to new products.
Providing advisory services, facilitation, performance management, improvement and research.
Enables participants to authentically contribute their talents and skills to generate a productive, lively, and culturally healthy working environment

We implement growth opportunities within and between organizations while leading the way for socially conscious businesses


Sometimes the simplest things mean the most, Special thanks to Boltcliq for the opportunity to showcase my designs online
Ofuase Anthony


Thanks to Boltcliq, I am now able to showcase all my works with ease. It’s incredible, my website looks stunning. Thank you!
Utiome Victory


I have known Boltcliq for a while. Their services are incredibly awesome as they've assisted in growing my business
Okafor Joseph

Made in Afrika

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