Building world class A.I enabled business solutions for African SMEs

With accessible and scalable AI technologies, we equip these businesses to thrive globally by optimizing their operations and leveraging data-driven insights for sustained success.

Benefits of A.I for SMEs


Efficiency and Productivity

AI technologies automate repetitive tasks, such as data entry and customer inquiries, freeing up employees to focus on strategic tasks, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.


Cost Reduction

By automating processes, AI helps SMEs save costs associated with labor, errors, and operational inefficiencies. Predictive analytics optimize resource allocation, reducing waste and unnecessary expenditures.


Improved Decision Making

AI-driven analytics provide SMEs with valuable insights from large volumes of data, enabling more informed decision-making. Analyzing customer behavior and market trends helps drive growth and profitability.


Enhanced Customer Experience

AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants provide personalized customer support and assistance, improving the overall customer experience. AI algorithms analyze feedback and preferences to tailor products and services.


Competitive Advantage

Adopting AI technologies gives SMEs a competitive edge by enabling faster innovation, better adaptation to market changes, and delivery of higher-quality products and services.



AI solutions can scale up or down easily to accommodate the evolving needs of SMEs. Whether handling increased customer inquiries or expanding into new markets, AI technologies adapt to support business growth.


Risk Reduction

AI helps SMEs identify and mitigate risks more effectively by analyzing data patterns and detecting anomalies or potential threats, thereby avoiding costly disruptions and safeguarding operations.


Access to Advanced Technologies

Cloud-based AI platforms and tools make advanced technologies more accessible to SMEs, allowing leverage of capabilities like machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision without extensive technical expertise or infrastructure investment.

A.I Use Cases for your next product

A.I in E-commerce

Warehouse Assignment

Intelligent assignment of shipment requirements based on customer needs and location.

Slotting Of Goods

Establishing relationships between different goods typically ordered together to reduce commission times.

Recommender System

Use of customer data to provide personalized recommendations via email, website search, or other channels.

Dynamic Pricing

Determining optimal product pricing through market analysis and comparison.

Cashierless Checkout

Automated checkout systems that enable customers to pay without cashier assistance.

Video Commerce

Identifying products in videos and making them shoppable through embedded links.

Image Tagging

Automatically tagging images to improve product discovery for customers.

A.I in Healthcare

Predictive Maintenance

Predicting equipment failures and maintenance needs to prevent costly downtime.

Prediction Of Service Cases

Using AI to predict service cases and improve service and maintenance planning.

Assisted or Automated Diagnosis & Prescription

Providing treatment suggestions based on patient data to reduce diagnostic errors.

Clinical Image Analysis

Using advanced medical imaging for diagnostics and highlighting potentially harmful areas.

Improved Colonoscopy Screenings

Enhancing colonoscopy screenings through machine learning for better detection.

A.I in Retail

Shelf Audit/Analytics

Using videos, images, or robots to analyze shelf space usage and manage inventory.

Theft Detection

Real-time analysis of video surveillance footage to detect suspicious behavior and alert store owners.

Sales Rep Response Suggestions

Analyzing sales calls and suggesting best practice responses to optimize sales effectiveness.

Sales Rep Chat/Email Bot

AI-powered bots making initial contact and generating leads for sales organizations.

Account Mapping

Using AI to match account numbers and texts for efficient manual assignment.

A.I in Finance


Using chatbots to answer financial questions and create personalized offers for customers.

Financial Risk Scoring (Credit Scoring)

Using machine learning to analyze historical data and determine creditworthiness.

Sales Compensation

Determining appropriate compensation levels for sales personnel.

Debt Collection

Utilizing AI for compliant and efficient debt collection processes.

A.I in Security

Violence Detection

Real-time analysis of video surveillance footage to detect violent actions and alert authorities.

Analytics & Predictive Intelligence for Security

Analyzing behavioral data across networks to predict and handle cyber attacks.

Smart Security Systems

Autonomous security systems with AI for threat detection and isolation.

Secure Communications (Neural Cryptography)

Protecting employee communications with advanced neural cryptography.

A.I in Manufacturing

Predictive Maintenance

Predicting equipment failures to prevent costly downtime.

Collaborative Robot

Flexible robots that learn from human behavior for automation.


Advanced robotics for automating manual processes in manufacturing and logistics.

Increase Output

Analyzing performance parameters to significantly increase production output.

A.I in Legal

Phrase Detection

Using NLP to check contracts for unauthorized phrases.

Legal Search

Optimizing search engines with ML for searching legal documents.

A.I in Marketing

Social Media Optimization

Analyzing social media contributions to optimize channel, target group, message, and timing of postings.

PR Analytics

Tracking media activities to gain insights into PR efforts and drive engagement.

Influencer Discovery

Identifying micro-influencers to drive engagement with your brand.


Automatically personalizing marketing content across multiple platforms.

Context Aware Marketing

Customizing advertising experiences based on content context.

Sales Content Personalization and Analytics

Personalizing sales content and analyzing effectiveness for continuous improvement.

A.I in Transportation

Traffic Management

Analyzing traffic data for live forecasts and recommendations.

Self Driving Cars

Automating vehicles to increase efficiency in transportation.

A.I in Customer Service


AI-powered chatbots for improved direct communication with customers.

Survey & Review Analytics

Analyzing customer reviews to improve satisfaction and efficiency.

Intelligent Call Routing

Routing calls to the most capable agent based on data from all interactions.

Customer Voice Authentication

Using biometrics to authenticate customers without passwords.

A.I in Human Resources

HR Retention Management

Predicting employee doubts and improving job satisfaction to increase retention.

Performance Management

Effective and fair management of employee performance.


Using AI for attracting, filtering, contacting, and hiring the best candidates.

A.I in Energy

Energy Demand Forecasting

Predicting energy demand and managing energy production.

Prediction Of Energy Efficiency

Labeling houses by energy efficiency class to reduce manual work.

A.I in Legal Tech

Contract Sorting

Classifying and assigning legal documents for transactions.

A.I in Education

Improved Colonoscopy Screenings

Enhancing colonoscopy screenings through machine learning for better detection.

A.I in General Use Cases

Message Categorization

Categorizing messages, emails, or documents for manual or automated processing.

Voice Recognition and Sound Analytics

Applying NLP to make devices and equipment 'smart' and responsive to user commands.

Building Monitoring

Automatic detection of abnormal behavior in individual persons for security purposes.

IP Infringement Detection

Detecting violations of copyright on the internet.

Data Labeling

Accelerating data labeling with intelligent human-in-the-loop systems.

Inventory & Supply Chain Optimization

Using AI to optimize inventory availability while minimizing costs.

Document Search

Classifying and searching quality documents to save time and identify areas for improvement.

Data Integration

Combining data from different sources to create meaningful insights.

Style Imitation

Transferring creative products to other works using AI.

Soft Sensors

Deriving valuable variables from existing data for production parameter measurement.

Image Resolution Enhancement

Enhancing image resolution using Generative Adversarial Networks.

Nudity Detection

Monitoring user-generated content to prevent damaging behaviors.

Sports Video Analytics

Analyzing player movements for insights into game events.

Gene Analytics and Editing

Predicting effects of gene edits for better understanding.

Real Time Prioritization and Triage

Analyzing patient data for accurate case prioritization and triage.